Upwave is now in Latin America

We made it! The simple, powerful and visual team collaboration tool is here

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Keep everyone on the same page

Upwave is perfect for all teams who need a place to plan, track progress and get work done.

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All teams from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and the whole region can now easily and quickly:

  • Get in control! Carry out all your personal or professional projects through quick notes, now online.
  • Get organized! Quickly and easily, you can visualize in one minute the progress of your daily activities.
  • Collaborate! Integrate all the members of your team in one place, increase their participation and productivity.
Team collaboration
Team collaboration

Did you know?

78% of decision-makers acknowledged a business need to collaborate and share files internally.

The top desire of workers is to have the ability to experience feeling like they are working together side by side (79%).

Some 82% of business leaders told us that their use of collaboration tools and technologies has improved time savings since deployment.

* Forrester. Digital Transformation. Achieve Agility And Innovation Through Collaboration Technology.

A new form of COLLABORATIVE WORK is being born in Latin America:

Upwave is flexible and supports you however you choose to organize your work together, with satisfied customers in industries across a wide range. We have marketing agencies, accountants, agencies, schools, Universities and teams of all shapes and sizes.

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I work in a small agency with more than 4 colleagues, and we work together with different tasks. Some of these tasks require more than one person, so in order to organize all the demands, it was strictly necessary for task manager. We tried Google Calendar, Trello and another that name that I forgot. Upwave was the best, no doubt.

Luiza Maximo
Graphic Designer at Ananás Comunicação

Upwave was my first experience with a real task manager it’s a user-friendly and efficient software.It provides great assistance with task management and assignments. The software is collaborative and allows for teamwork and as such is a great tool to be utilized in an organization.

Nakesia Hanson
NMIA Airports Ltd.

We have a big, global team and it’s a massive challenge. Upwave has improved productivity, motivation and even staff retention.

Liam Pridgeon
Manager at Exorath Server Network

We are about 6 people working on one of the boards at the same time, and we must highlight the simplicity and ease of use of Upwave.

Miguel Alegre