We are very happy to share the news about Upwave winning the 2016 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award from FinancesOnline, a popular SaaS & B2B software review platform.

The Rising Star Award is given exclusively to fresh SaaS services that came to the market only recently. These are always solutions that resonate well with clients and are perceived as ones that offer high quality level. The Great User Experience Award, is given to services that take pride in a particularly well-crafted user experience.

In their Upwave reviews FinancesOnline’s review team writes that “Upwave is a moderately priced, advanced task manager for small and medium business which offers a variety of unique features for you to consider. Rather than being exclusively pipeline­ organized, Upwave strives to convert standard project management into an entertaining process, and does so with a modern interface, detailed tutorials, and a responsive and experienced support team.” Currently, Upwave is ranked as #8 in their best agile project management software category.

At Upwave we strive to deliver an easy to use Task Management tool for Teams keeping them informed, connected and happy. For the evaluation, visit the complete review page.

FinancesOnline.com is one of the most recognized and reliable online review platforms and the reviews are based on an independent and unbiased evaluation.