Project and task management

Track progress on your projects and tasks in a visual manner.

Overview of project and task management


Organize your work into visual boards.


Use cards to gather all information related to a task in one place.


Break large tasks into smaller, bite-sized pieces with subtasks.

Task assignees

Assign tasks and subtasks to promote accountability and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Due dates

Set deadlines to make sure the task is completed on time.

Start dates

Set start dates to specify when to begin working on the task.

Task attachments

Easily upload files and documents to your tasks.

Task and project activity log

Get a quick overview of all updates and edits on a task or a project.

Predefined templates

Our pre-made templates make it easier for you to get things done, from simple to-do lists to strategic frameworks such as the Business Model Canvas.

Custom project templates

Use columns and rows to create custom templates that fit your workflow.

Project status updates

Easily update stakeholders on the progress of your project, with traffic lights acting as visual cues for performance.

Time tracking and estimation

Track hours spent on your tasks and set estimates. You can choose to use the automatic timer feature inside a card or create manual time entries.

Views and reporting

Visualize your work with different views and create insightful reports.

Various views

Board view

Create the workflow that works for you with columns and swimlanes.

Table view

View your project in a compact list-format.

Calendar view

Get a quick overview of all the due dates in a project.

Timeline view

Visualize tasks horizontally, and get an overview of parallel activities.

My Cards

View all tasks assigned to you in your personal task list.

Project portfolio overview

Manage, report and take action on projects with your own customized portfolio view.

Progress reports

Get an overview of the progress and status of all tasks in the project, including who is responsible, due date and date of completion.

Customizable time reports

Easily generate and export timesheets at project-, task- or user-level.

We love Upwave’s simplicity and design. Upwave is much easier to adapt to the seamless transition from development to production than any other tool we have used. We are now able to handle more development in parallel than before, and we have become more focused on strategy and cash flow.

Arne Berggren
Arne Berggren
CEO and Producer @ Shuuto

Team collaboration

Collaborate closely, even when working remotely.

Team collaboration view


Comment directly on tasks and get real-time feedback from your team.


Get real-time notifications about updates that concern you.

Follow tasks

Follow a task to stay in the loop, even if you’re not assigned to the task.


Tag a specific member, or all members in a project, to ensure effective communication.


Organize projects, tasks and people into teams. You can create teams for different departments, project groups or external partners.

Team calendar

View due dates for all tasks and subtasks across projects in your team.

Team analytics

Get an overview of the activity, progress and engagement in your teams.

Android & iOS app

Work together from anywhere. Get things done in the office, at home, and on the go.

Administration and access control

Manage members and configure security settings, so your data stays safe.

Administration and access control

Project visibility

You can set boards private for limited access, share it with a team or make it public.

Team visibility

Make teams accessible to invited members only or everyone in the workspace.

Guest role

Grant external guests access to specific projects in a secure manner.

Spectator role

Invite organization members to view and comment on specific boards, without sacrificing control.

Workspace administration

Manage members and configure security settings from the admin panel.

Security and data control

Job securely and encrypted. We also offer data processing agreements adapted to your requirements.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Tie it all together by connecting Upwave to the tools you already use.

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