Visualize your work

Our visual interface provides more information at a glance than simple text tools, spreadsheets, or pen-and-paper task lists.

Define your own structure with columns, rows and cards to organize what everyone’s doing. Upload background images for each board to give it a personal touch.

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Know what needs doing and get it done

Use cards to describe a task or an idea. Divide complex tasks into small subtasks so nothing falls through the cracks. Set deadlines to keep your priorities straight.

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Communicate in one place

Staying on track without clear and open communication is impossible. Assign tasks, comment, upload files and get real-time feedback from your team.

With customizable email updates and our Slack integration, you’ll never miss another update.

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Collaborate in multiple teams within your workspace

In Upwave, users can collaborate in multiple, separate teams, within the same organization workspace. As a workspace admin, you have full control of all members, access rights and payments. You can create teams for different departments, project groups, external suppliers etc.

Members can only see teams they are a part of or workspace visible teams, allowing easy and secure involvement of outside parties (customers, contractors, partners). Teams can be assembled and dissolved with few clicks, perfect for short term projects.

Track your teams performance

Get an overview over the activity level and engagement in your teams. Keep track on task completion over time, how many task are started vs completed, and which projects have the highest activity level.

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Get the big picture

Our team calendar shows you exactly what everyone is working on, what’s coming up next, and who’s responsible. Get rid of bottlenecks and optimize everyone's capacity.

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Integrate with your favorite tools

  • Simplify and secure your login with Google’s Single Sign On.
  • Easily attach files to your tasks from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Sync tasks from Upwave to your Google Calendar.
  • Get updates in Slack when changes are made on a board.
  • Use Zapier to connect Upwave to more than 750 apps your teams use and automate workflows.
  • Download our Adobe Creative Cloud extension to use Upwave inside your favorite Adobe applications.

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