Full overview and control from one platform

Upwave is a suite of products that helps you spend time on what matters.

Collaborate in multiple teams within your workspace

In Upwave, users can collaborate in multiple, separate teams, within the same organization workspace. You can create teams for different departments and project groups.

Easily and securely involve outside collaborators (customers, contractors, and partners). Teams can be assembled and dissolved with few clicks, perfect for short-term projects.

Upwave Project

Manage tasks and projects

Get more done with intuitive visual boards. Define your own structure or use our predefined templates. Easily drag and drop tasks to visualize progress.

Upwave Project

Communicate in one place

Stay on track with clear and open communication. Assign tasks, comment, upload files and get real-time feedback from your team.

Track and estimate time

Track time spent on your tasks and set estimates. You can choose to use the automatic timer feature inside a card or create manual time entries. Easily generate and export timesheets at project-, task- or user-level.

Generate progress reports

Get an overview of the progress and status of all tasks in the project, including who is responsible, due date and date of completion. You can easily generate reports and export in both PDF and CSV formats.

Get actionable insight

Get an overview of the progress and engagement in your teams. Keep track on task completion, productivity and workload across various teams and projects.

Use templates to simplify your work

Our pre-made templates make it easier for you to get things done, from simple to-do lists to strategic frameworks such as the Business Model Canvas. Choose a template that fits your workflow or customizes it to your needs.


Efficient collaboration

Collaborate with colleagues and external parties. Delegate tasks, set deadlines and track progress.

Flexibility that fits your processes

Increase productivity by creating boards that fits your workflow. Create and share templates.

Visualize your workflow

Visualize your tasks and projects by using colors and images.

Security and data control

Job securely and encrypted. We also offer data processing agreements adapted to your requirements.

All information in one place

Find all information about projects, tasks, files and progress in one place.

Easy administration

Add and remove users with a click. Control access rights for teams and projects.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Tie it all together by connecting Upwave to the tools you already use.

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