Business Model Canvas

Visualize your entire business model on one page by using the Business Model Canvas.

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool developed by Alexander Osterwalder ( It helps you visualize your business model in a logical way on a single page. The canvas consists of 9 building blocks which covers the four main areas of a business; Offer, customers, infrastructure and financial viability.

The 9 building blocks are as follows:

1. Customer segments: Which customer groups are you creating value for?

2. Value propositions: What value do you deliver to your customers?

3. Channels: How do you reach your target customers?

4. Customer relationships: How do you interact with your target customers?

5. Revenue streams: How much will you make?

6. Key resources: What do you need?

7. Key activities: How do you do it?

8. Key partnerships: Who will help you?

9. Cost structure: What will it cost?

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