Employee onboarding

Create a direct and effective integration program for new hires.

This template will help you effectively manage the process of hiring new employees. It’s intrinsically designed to help new hires feel productive and comfortable with predefined, concrete tasks. 

The way it works: 

  1. Invite a new employee to the board
  2. Assign them to relevant cards/tasks

A rigid onboarding structure helps avoid mix ups and miscommunication. 

The steps in this template: 

  1. Company information: Fill this column with relevant company information and assign the new hire to relevant cards.
  2. Preparation: What needs to be done before the employee starts work?
  3. First day: Preparation for new employees on the first day of work. 
  4. First week: Follow up on progress of the new hire.

First month: Review progress on their first goals or projects.

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