5 Upwave Templates to Increase Your Productivity

Our pre-made Upwave templates makes it easier for you to get things done. Choose a template that fits your workflow or customize it to your needs.

General template for daily task management

My tasks template.png

This is a basic kanban board consisting of a three-step workflow; “To do”, “In progress” and “Completed”. Use it to keep track on all your personal tasks, tasks within a team or a project. Simply add your tasks in the “To do”-column, move them to “In progress” when you’ve started them and to “Completed” when they’re finished. Use the colors to categorize your tasks based on e.g. priority.

Template for weekly meeting

Skjermbilde 2018-04-16 kl. 14.28.08.png

Meetings are much more productive if you have an agenda and stick to it. Especially if all notes and information from a meeting is available in real-time for everyone in the meeting. In this template the columns are “Agenda”, “Action items” and “Completed”, and each row represents a week. Add the agenda for the meeting in the first by using the check-list, so you can easily check of items in the meeting. You can also put notes from the meeting in the same card as the agenda, to make it easy for everyone to look at what was discussed in the meeting. Put action items that needs to be done after the meeting in the next column, and assign it to the person responsible. When an action item is done, move it to the “Completed” column. Use the colors to categorize the action items based on departement, team members or priority. In this example, we have categorized based on departement.

Template for prioritizing tasks

Skjermbilde 2018-04-25 kl. 13.44.48.png

Great time management means being effective as well as efficient. In the modern, fast paced workplace it can be hard to distinguish between what’s important and urgent. We often fall in the trap of believing all urgent tasks are also important, even if that’s seldom the case. The Eisenhower Matrix gives you a visual overview of how to prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance.

1. Urgent and Important: DO
If a task is both urgent and important, do it right away.

2. Not Urgent, but Important: DECIDE
If a task is important, but not urgent, set a due date and do it later.

3. Urgent, but not Important: DELEGATE
If a task is urgent, but not important, the best thing is to delegate it to someone else.

4. Not Urgent and Not Important: DELETE
If a task is neither important nor urgent, it should not be prioritized. Drop it or do it when you have some extra time.

Template for hiring processes

Skjermbilde 2018-04-16 kl. 14.15.24.png

A picture says more than a thousand words. In this template we have used cover images instead of colorcoding. The columns are “Applicants”, “Interview” and “Offer”. In applicants you create a card for each person who has applied for the job. You can also attach their resume or other files. If they get an interview, you move the card over to the next column. You can also add comments you have after the interview. Lastly, when you have decided who gets the job, you move the card over to “Offer”.

Template for sales processes

Skjermbilde 2018-04-16 kl. 14.11.30

This template is perfect for visualizing your sales pipeline. The columns are “Leads”, “Contacted”, “Meeting scheduled”, “Proposal sent”, “Won” and “Lost”, but you can customize them to fit your own process. Start by creating a card for each lead, where you  fill in information on the company. Move the cards around based on where they are in the sales pipeline. You can use colors to categorize your leads based on their readiness to buy.

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