Introducing Portfolio Overview and New Project Management Functionality

You can now visualize progress across various initiatives – all in one place!  The new portfolio feature lets you manage your projects in an intuitive and user-friendly way. Monitor, report, and take action on projects with your own customized portfolio view, giving you easy access to all the relevant data.

Easily update stakeholders on the progress of your project

You can now create status updates for your projects, with traffic lights acting as visual cues for performance. The status update also includes time spent vs estimated, and number of overdue tasks. If you’re using the time tracking feature, this information will be added automatically, but you can also register time manually. Regular progress updates help improve communication, manage expectations, and keep everyone on the same page.

Monitor all your projects from the portfolio overview

The new portfolio tab lets you view all your projects’ statuses in one place – no more digging through emails for status reports! Traffic lights give you a quick indicator over which projects are on track and which need extra attention. Reduce project uncertainty, minimize risks and make better-informed decisions across your whole portfolio.

Click on a project to access more information, including project members, time spent vs estimated, previous status updates and overdue tasks. To select projects for your portfolio, simply star the boards. You can easily sort your projects by title, status, owner or dates by clicking in the respective columns. 

The portfolio feature is available for users on the Business or Enterprise plan. This is the first version, and more functionality is coming. Do you have any suggestions on what to include in the next version? Let us know! As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

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