New board view: Display your cards as a table

You can now toggle between different views of your boards! In addition to the classic board view, you can display your cards in a compact table format – perfect for getting a better overview. This is the first step in ramping up our project management capabilities, supporting more complex processes while maintaining simplicity and ease … Read more

New Release: Advanced Subtasks, Multi-editing of Cards and Major Improvements

We are excited to announce the new and improved Upwave! In addition to several new features, you will notice that everything runs a little smoother than before – the entire software has been revamped! Let’s go through the new features in detail. Advanced subtasks You asked, we listened – advanced subtasks are finally here! Transform … Read more

How to Use the Action Priority Matrix to Decide Which Tasks Are Worth Your Time

 “People who can focus, get things done. people who can prioritize, get the right things done.” – John Maeda What? The Action Priority Matrix is similar to the Eisenhower matrix, but the focus is on impact and effort instead of importance and urgency. It helps you see which tasks and projects that are worth your … Read more

How Shuuto uses Upwave to turn ideas into TV shows, books and podcasts

Shuuto is a Norwegian TV production company that develops and produces content for TV shows, commercials, books, podcasts and theater. When they started the company, they wondered why there was no sustainable television drama industry outside Oslo. Therefore, they started to build clusters of series creators, directors and producers in Northern Norway, Central Norway and … Read more

Introducing New Roles: Guest and Spectator

As a response to customers’ requests on getting more control over user access and permissions, we are launching two new roles; guest and spectator. These new roles make it easier to work with external parties and collaborate across different teams in your organization. Collaborate with externals guests in a secure manner The new guest role … Read more