The Planning Fallacy: Why Your Projects Always Take Longer Than Planned – And How To Prevent It

Have you noticed that tasks and projects always take longer than you think they will? We have a tendency to underestimate how long something will take, even when we are aware of this tendency and try to compensate for it. This observation is known as the Hofstadter’s Law, which tie into the Planning Fallacy. Hofstadter’s … Read more

Introduction to Kanban

The Kanban method was originally invented as a part of the famous Toyota Production System in the 1940s. In the 2000s, Kanban was adopted into software development when Microsoft’s software development team wanted a better system for fixing bugs in their product. Today, Kanban helps teams manage both daily tasks, big projects, bug tracking, editorial … Read more

Use SWOT to Identify Opportunities and Mitigate Risks

The SWOT-matrix is a strategic planning tool used to understand and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in an organization. Strengths: Which characteristics of the business or project gives it an advantage over others? Weaknesses: Which characteristics of the business or project places it at a disadvantage relative to others? Opportunities: Which elements in the … Read more

Introduction to Agile Process Frameworks

UpWave – Task Management for Teams Made easy Here at UpWave we are dedicated to empowering teams to get more done together and simplify work processes. If you already are a user of UpWave there’s a chance you are familiar with agile processes, and may have heard about Scrum and Kanban. If the previous sentence filled you … Read more