New Release: Advanced Subtasks, Multi-editing of Cards and Major Improvements

We are excited to announce the new and improved Upwave! In addition to several new features, you will notice that everything runs a little smoother than before – the entire software has been revamped! Let’s go through the new features in detail.

Advanced subtasks

You asked, we listened – advanced subtasks are finally here! Transform your subtasks from simple checklists to fully-fledged tasks with assignees and due dates.

What’s new:
💁 Assign subtasks 
⏱️ Set due dates
🔔 Subtask notifications

Time tracking and estimation improvements

We have improved the time tracking and estimation functionality. You can now see the estimated number of hours and the spent number of hours on each of your cards without opening them. 

Need to send a report to a client with hours spent vs hours estimated for your board and each of the project’s activities? We have given our reports an overhaul to make this happen.

What’s new:
⏱️ See hours spent vs estimated on cards without opening them
📊 New report showing hours spent vs estimated

Multi-editing of cards

With this new functionality, you can edit multiple cards at once! Simply hold down “Shift” to select a range of cards or “Ctrl/Command” to select specific cards.  

What’s new:
➡️ Move multiple cards
👥 Assign multiple cards
🎨 Change colors of multiple cards
⏱️ Set due date on multiple cards
✔️ Complete multiple cards
❌ Delete or archive multiple cards

New filters and display for teams

You can now view your teams as a list! We have also added filters, sorting, and search functionality. This gives you a better overview, especially if you have many teams in your organization. To change between tile and list view, simply toggle the button next to “Find a team”.

What’s new:
📋 List view for teams
⬇️ Sort teams based on title or last opened
🗂️ Filter based on your teams, active teams, or archived teams
🔍 Search for teams

Thank you for all the great feedback from the Upwave community these last months. Your feedback is crucial to help us increase the value Upwave provides to you. Keep the requests coming!

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