Partnership Announcement: Upwave + Symfoni Next

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Google Cloud Partner and authorized G Suite Reseller, Symfoni Next. With years of experience developing software, implementing and delivering services in Europe, Symfoni Next is now focused entirely on Google Cloud and delivers everything from basic cloud hosting to custom development projects on desktop and mobile devices on the GCP platform.

“The collaboration with Symfoni Next means that we are now taking our G Suite offering to the next level. Upwave has been a Google Cloud Technology Partner since 2018, and offer several G Suite integrations. Symfoni Next, in turn, is a Google Cloud Platform Collaboration Partner and authorized G Suite reseller. Together we can, therefore, offer our customers the right expertise and a solid overall collaboration package.” says Kjetil Moløkken-Østvold, CEO of Upwave.

Upwave integrates with G Suite, Google Drive, Google Calendar and Google Hangouts Chat, enabling effortless collaboration on tasks and projects throughout your organization.

“We’re excited about our collaboration with Upwave because it means we can extend our package of collaboration solutions. G suite provides a ton of benefits of its own, but it doesn’t offer collaborative task and project management functionality. Upwave’s seamless integrations with Google, and the visually pleasing look and feel of the platform, makes it a perfect complement to G suite. Together with Upwave, we can offer expertise on a platform that can be used by the whole workplace.», says Tord Ripe, CEO of Symfoni Next.

We look forward to taking our G suite offering to the next level and delivering a solid overall collaboration package together with Symfoni Next!

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