Press Release for’s crowdfunding campaign, November 2015

Norway’s sees active company base double and app usage quadruple since FundedByMe campaign launch.


The release of’s latest monthly KPI metrics shows why investors worldwide are contributing to the Oslo based task management app for business teams. The numbers tell the story of a company growing at a rapid rate, with company sign ups increasing by 395% and invitations for new users to collaborate on projects up 353% since the launch of their campaign at the start of September.

CEO Lasse Søberg is thrilled by the latest numbers “To show such strong growth in the key areas of our business is a fantastic boost to the team and to our campaign. We’ve seen investors contribute from all over the world and we’re looking forward to these numbers helping us reach our target”.

The team is aiming to become Scandinavia’s first big player in the rapidly growing online business collaboration tool market. With their impressive growth and PR coups like becoming Norway’s first ever startup to hold the coveted #1 spot on Ycombinator’s Hacker News homepage, they are well on their way. Lasse believes that it’s their dedication to an easy user experience and a unique approach he calls “Social Task Management” that is giving them their edge. “Our research with SINTEF in the development phase told us there was a need for a tool that was easy and engaging. We want to make team members feel more interconnected and users are validating that approach which is really satisfying for us.”

With such exciting KPI’s behind them and a strong plan in place, those looking for Someone to invest in would do well to check out the latest hot property in Norwegian tech.

You can follow the campaign at

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