Take Your Upwave Boards Public

We are excited to announce that you can now make your boards public! This means that you can share your boards, and your message, with people outside your workspace – no account needed. From sharing your product roadmap with your customers, to sharing a collection of recommended articles with your friends – the opportunities are endless.

Click on the image to open this Public Board!

A public board is visible to everyone who has the URL. Public Upwave boards are not indexed by search engines, so they can’t be found unless you share the link. People with the link can view all cards on the board, open the cards, read comments, view attachments and filter the cards by color. They cannot edit anything or comment on the board. It’s a great way to share information, provide resources or promote content to your community or other external parties.

How to make a board public

To make a board public, you have to be admin of that board. Simply go to board settings and change “security” to public. This will generate a link to your board, and everyone with this link will be able to access it. 

Your public boards will have a tag on them to help you differentiate them from your private boards. It’s important to remember that public really means public, so be sure to check that you don’t have any sensitive information on your board before you change the security settings. Never use boards to store your passwords!

If you have any inspirational boards you decide to make public, please share it with us on Twitter @upwavehq!

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